Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Midweek News Update

Hey folks, Nick here with the midweek update. Right now 2600's in his car on his way home and Sarge is on his way to Florida, so I'm filling in for the news that's been going round the net'. Here's some of the stories that have caught my eye these past weeks.

Now that NBA Jam has been re-released on the 360 and the Triple a rumor has surfaced over on Giant Bomb that EA is the process of bringing back another classic sports arcade game, NFL Blitz. Since the former creator, Mark Turmell now works at EA he is being rumored to be the Creative Director. As a fan of Blitz in the arcade and on the N64, I really hope they bring this back. After trying the disappointing Madden Arcade, both in the actual arcade and on Xbox Live Arcade, I hope they can bring the game back for a new legion of fans. Who knows? Maybe we'll see a return of Wane Gretzky's 3D Hockey? "THAT GOALIE'S A BRICK WALL!"

Now onto Namco, who's been kicking ass and taking names as of late. Just last week they've released the excellent Pac-Man Championship Edition DX on the Xbox 360 and Time Crisis Razing Storm for the Playstation 3. Pac-Man CE DX is amazing. I will be reviewing it in the future. When I got my 360 the first Pac-Man CE and Geometry Wars were the first games I downloaded off of XBLA and DX is no exception. The game is lightning fast and insanely additive. I only wish they could have included the game in the new Pac-Man's Arcade Party machine that is going to be released next month. Even still it's a great buy for 800 Space Bucks. If you've got a 360 check out the demo.

With Time Crisis Razing Storm I'm a little bit pissed off with. Since I don't own a PS3 yet, I can't really say on my thoughts of the port using Playstation Move, but what I am angry about is the low scores the game has been getting. Of course it's the usual BS. Too much repetitive game play and the game is too short. Now Time Crisis is a game that has been around since 1996, I'm really shocked that people don't know going into it that it's a light gun shooter. Their meant to be really hard so you keep pumping money into them and don't last more then half an hour. That's why they included two other games to go along in the collection that brings the total up a bit. 60 bucks is still steep for any game but the game is getting VERY low scores. I'm really shocked the fans aren't going after many of the sites giving the game low scores considering how much my friend and I got flamed when we did our stupid video of House of The Dead 4 a few years ago.

Finally tonight I wanted to show a little love to a new arcade that has just opened in Austin Texas. I first saw it promoted over on our good friend's, Arcade Heroes. Pinballz Arcade really is proof positive when they say "Everything's bigger in Texas" and it shows! This place is 13,000 sq feet big and has over 75 pinball tables, classic arcade games, redemption and even fighters as well. User CentexArcade over on Youtube has a tour video of a lot of the pinball tables you can play there, check it out!

As you can see they have a ton of great games to play, if you happen to be in the Austin area, be sure to give them a look! They'll even be open tomorrow on Thanksgiving!

So that's it for me today, to all our American friends, Happy Thanksgiving and I'll be back on Friday with yet another Arcade Home Port Review!

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  1. I think that Time Crisis Razing Storm on the PS3 is a good value since you are getting 3 games included. 62 on metacritic is a bit low.