Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oni and Evil Ryu in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

It was just reported last night that the two hidden characters, Evil Ryu and Oni have finally been unlocked in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. All of the major Street Fighter sites have been covering this since the news broke. The two new characters can pull off some really crazy stuff. Oni can not only air dash but can preform the Raging Demon in the air as well! Evil Ryu has a great looking dive kick as well as a really insane second ultra. Rather then just posting what I think, I'll just provide the links to the experts along with extra videos and more.

Big thanks to everybody at, SRK, Tonycrust and PIKACHUAKUMA from Youtube for the excellent videos and coverage of the story!


Well, as you may have seen the videos are being taken off of Youtube. Nothing official from Capcom but it sounds like the characters weren't supposed to be unlocked yet. So unless I hear something official I'll let you know.

Also more rumors fueling the SSFIV Arcade Edition rumors are an icon of what many people are saying is Hugo is hidden in the game. If you watch this video that's on Capcom's official Youtube channel you will see the M.Bison/Vega player has what looks very much like Hugo for his icon. Skip to about 4:25 in the clip and judge for yourself.

Could this mean that Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition has even more secrets up it's sleeves? I guess time will only tell. Once I hear about it I'll be sure to let you know! Stay tuned for the newest updates. We're going to try our best to make it out to China Town Fair in New York City to play the game, where they have SIX units of the game set up to play! I know I'll be beaten badly but I can't wait to try it out.

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