Friday, January 21, 2011

Nick's News Roundup and Virtua Cop 3!

Hey folks! Nick back once again with my weekly news roundup of all things arcade gaming that has been on my radar.

First you'll notice a new video I shot using my iPod Touch. The week after Christmas 2600 and I went to the local Dave and Busters to give the camera feature a test drive and here's the first test of it. As you can see other then not getting the marquee the video quality is excellent a MAJOR step above what I was using before. I'm really happy with how it came out. The biggest problem though is the size of the files. Because I don't want to just upload raw footage I have to put it through my Vegas editor. I want to have them in high quality MP4's but the files are HUGE. I've tried to find a 720p option but for some reason its not offered on Vegas, if anybody can help me out with this, let me know. Most sites will not take videos over a gig in size so I gotta be careful at how long they are.

Now onto the news!

For a while it was reported that California arcade, Arcade Infinity would be closing on the 15th of January. Thankfully due to the outcry of fans has helped save it! You can read all about it over at Arcade Heroes. We'd like to send all of our best wishes out to the folks at Arcade Infinity and hope they keep open for many years to come!

I wish we were able to make it out to both ends of California to check out all of the amazing arcades that are out there. I'm so glad that the community was able to band together to keep AI open.

Also from our friends at Arcade Heroes and The Stinger Report is news of an arcade version of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Arcade. This is an arcade port of the home version and right now the game is in public test at a Chuck E. Cheese. It looks to be a straight port of the home version with no added characters or stages, so far. Not much else is known about it, but if you'd like to read some more about it and see a very quick video of the game in action feel free to click the link and check it out.

Now for news in the pinball world. In case you're not following the news on Facebook, Stern Pinball has shown off their new game, The Rolling Stones at a trade show in Germany. For a while the rumors went around of what the next game would be. Many like myself thought it would be Tron, others thought it was going to be another music related game since Stern worked on Elvis and Gun & Roses. (When they were Data East) As of now little is known about how far into the process the game is. The main toy of the game is a moving target of Mick Jagger that moves around the playfield like a cross between the Big Buck in Big Buck Hunter and Dracula in Monster Bash. If you'd like to check out pictures of the game, click the link below!

Finally we have some news from our friends at Funspot. ACAM has started their $25,000 fundraiser. They want to help raise money to help repair some of the games they have in storage so they can be played on the museum floor. Please donate what you can to help out! All your donations are tax deductible and all of the money goes right back to keeping these classic arcade games alive and in tip top shape.

So that's the news of the week. Thanks for checking out the video and we'll be back next week with a whole lot more good stuff!

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