Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sarge's Midweek Update

Sarge here with your midweek update.

For all of our UK/PAL viewers out there, the wait is over. Deathsmiles:Deluxe Edition for Xbox 360 is now set for a February 18th, 2011 release! What does this mean? This version of Deathsmiles will include the Mega Black Label DLC, a desktop accessory pack for your PC, and the original soundtrack. You will also get the three modes: Arcade, Xbox 360 mode, and Version 1.1. So technically, you're getting four versions of the game for £29.99. Considering that the soundtrack was only released in Japan separately for an additional £25, you can't beat that deal! Click on the photo below to head to Rising Star Games' Deathsmiles website.

This leads into my next topic with regards to people complaining about the lack of substance in these Cave ports. Considering how much the Deathsmiles: Mega Black Label PCB Kit goes for (anywhere between $1500.00 -$2000.00 USD depending where you look), these port releases have been a godsend to those not will willing to shell out an exorbitant amount of cash for one game. The fact that you also get the other versions of the game as well adds to that value of $50.00 USD. Maybe people like to complain about stretching the dollar these days, but this is one deal that I can't see as a ripoff. We've noticed a couple of posts out here on various forums with people actually complaining about the port price. As a Cave PCB collector, I will never look a gift horse in the mouth when a company wants to release a good port of an expensive game.

Sarge's question of the week: Cave, Toaplan, Eighting/Raizing, etc. Name your favorite STG/Shumup and why. Post in the comment section below.

Sarge Out!

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