Friday, July 29, 2011

Site News!!!!

As you might have noticed, the site has been receiving some visual and organizational updates as well as some new article content (including my first solo video review in all it's monotone glory). We hope you like some of the new content and are open to any suggestions. Here is a current list of what we are working on as well as some new possibilities, hit the jump for more.

-More site updates as we get back to a regular schedule

-The return of the Arcade Hunters podcast because frankly, there aren't enough arcade related podcasts

- The Return of Arcade Hunters Episodes (seriously we got some great locations coming up)

-More game reviews that include both written and video formats

-More on the spot arcade coverage and location updates thanks to new portable video recorders and editing apps

-Video reviews in full monotone (aka I will be doing some more reviews)

-Two big announcements coming soon that involve us helping out the arcade community.

And finally the final transformation of our site design as I finish up some loose ends. So keep checking back as we begin introducing some of the new content to the site.


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