Monday, August 29, 2011

PAPA 14 Video Tour!

Hey everybody, Nick back from the fury that was Hurricane Irene. I made it out pretty good, mostly a lot of leaves and dead branches fell out of trees, but even though I had internet access on Sunday morning around 1 in the afternoon it died and it just came back on a few hours ago.

I had posted this video before the storm hit just in case I didn't have power or internet access. So here's the full 11 minute extended tour of PAPA 14 from Pittsburgh PA. Since I wasn't there last year they changed up the way the games are set. All of the games are in sections from manufactures. So Stern has a few rows, Sega/Data East, EM tables and so on. As you might see with the FunHouse machines they'll have them set up by difficulty with harder rules and pieces missing to help get the ball into the out lanes.

I've got another tour I did on Sunday before we left and I show off a few other rows I missed, didn't really cover the arcade games since a lot of people were sitting down eating lunch near them so I didn't want to get people on camera while they were trying to eat. I can say they didn't get anything new in that you haven't seen already.

Thanks to Adam from Arcade Heroes for posting this on the front page and thanks for stopping by if you clicked the link from there. I've got a ton of new videos from PAPA including two full sized reviews and a couple of quick play videos! So stay tuned!

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