Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pictures and Videos from PAPA 14

Hey folks! I'm back from The Pitt and I've got a ton of pictures uploaded and some videos I uploaded to YouTube while I was at PAPA. As the anonymous poster said, the Wi-Fi at PAPA was a lot better then it was two years ago, so while I got them up fast, their not in HD, but who cares! It's pinball! Hit the jump for the link to the pictures and three new videos!

First up is the Mini-Tournament section. All of the games are five dollars to play plus the tokens to start. They each have a certain rule that you must follow. The Stern Catacomb game was being used for the Double Split Flipper Team Game, each player takes a side and you try to get the highest score. The Black Knight table was the "Blind Knight Challenge" where they had pieces of paper taped to the top of the glass so you couldn't see the flippers. For the true Tommy fans out there. Spanish Eyes was the "Target Score Challenge". The score counter was taped over and you have to get the closest to 25,000 points. Not sure who won that, but I'll find out. The second to last game was a Tommy: Pinball Wizard "One Handed Challenge" where you could only play the game with one hand. Some crazy scores got put up on that.

The one my friend Craig and I competed in was the Spider-Man "Four Legged Spider Challenge". While the two flippers on the right worked, the left flipper was stuck halfway so you had to nudge the ball over to avoid a center drain. But to make it even more crazy? They filled the machine with nothing but "Power Balls". If you've played The Twilight Zone or the Limited Edition of Avatar you'll notice a white ball. It's made out of a hollow light ceramic so it travels very fast and isn't effected by any playfield magnets. We'll have a video of that to come!

PAPA had two Tron Legacy tables. One was in the A Division and was getting a lot of play, meanwhile they had another set up in the huge Stern row. Thankfully the game had the sound turned up so I could hear just about all of it. This is my first time playing it on normal settings, aka "Factory Default". I was able to get Disc War Multiball a few times but of course I didn't get my best game on camera. I was somehow able to stack Multiball modes. I had the Quorra mode in progress, when you have that started you can hit the three bank of Recognizer Targets to add balls into Multiball. I got all two extra balls added when I saw the shield drop, so I kept hitting the middle till it ended up starting the Disc War. I ended up getting around 30-40 million, which is nowhere near some scores I've seen. I'm going to keep trying my best to see if I'll be able to complete all the modes on the table.

The third and final video of the update is from my friend Craig from his new web show that's he's starting up. This is some gameplay of me playing Stern's Orbitor 1. It's really hard to explain this game in words since the way it plays, just watch the video, you'll see!

Finally I'll share the link of pictures I took while I was at PAPA 14. There's a lot to check out including crowd shots, games and a whole lot more!

PAPA 14 Pictures 

There's a ton of videos to come. Including an 11 minute long tour, a bunch of new quick gameplay videos, two new pinball game reviews and finally something special. A video of me taking on Mark from ClassicGameRoom.com in an epic battle in the Vs. pinball, Challenger! Not a match. Struggle!!

So be sure to stay tuned here for more videos from PAPA 14!

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