Friday, August 19, 2011

Transformers Pinball Coming Soon!

Well, it's official. Even though we already knew about this for a few months now. Stern has officially announced that Transformers will be their next game. George Gomez, star of the movie above is in charge of the design and I can not wait to play it. After playing the hell out of Lord of The Rings I really hope Mr. Gomez can pull together another winner. From the video you can see a table full of figures and what looks like an unfinished toy of Optimus Prime.

What I really want is for Stern to get Peter Cullen and Frank Welker to do the shot calls in the game. If you're making a pinball machine based on Transformers and you don't use the classic "Autobots! Transform...AND ROLL OUT!!!" quote in the game, then you'd be pretty foolish if you ask me. As always if any more news breaks I'll be sure to post it here. Stay tuned later tonight for a look at last night's Capcom NYC Fight Club!

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