Thursday, December 13, 2012

Amazing Factory Videos

Yesterday on one of the Facebook pages I follow I saw somebody post this video from "MediaBurnArchive" called "5 Minutes in the Ms. Pac-Man Factory, 1982" It was so awesome, I had to share it with everybody I knew. At the time I watched it the video had a little over 150 hits, this afternoon over 500. Hopefully it'll go viral so everybody will get a chance to see this awesome little video of one of the best video games being made.

The great thing about YouTube is you can find a few videos like this of games being made. Not to mention clips from TV shows like "How's it Made" where they've shown off multiple games at Stern Pinball being built like Lord of The Rings, Ripley's and NBA Basketball.  Hit the jump for two more of my favorites!

First we've got a video from "atarigames1" and it's a fast motion video from the 1990's of workers at Atari putting together one of the decades best racers, San Francisco Rush. The guy who runs "atarigames1" also has a ton of other great videos from Atari's past, so if you haven't subscribed to him yet, make sure to do so!

Finally here's a video I found years ago on "AJ's VpinMAME" message board. It's a clip of a local cable show called Wild Chicago putting together not only The Addams Family but a look at Mortal Kombat. The host's reaction to Kano's fatality alone is worth watching.

Thanks for checking out these videos. I'll be sure to post any more like this if I find any!

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