Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Return of The Silverball Museum!

This past Friday my friends and I from the Long Island Arcade Club visited Jersey Jack for their Open House. You'll be seeing more from their this week, but first I wanted to post these two videos to help get the word out of the reopening of The Silverball Museum in Asbury Park New Jersey. Just like the rest of the Jersey Shore the museum got pounded during Hurricane Sandy and many thought they'd be gone for good. Thankfully everybody got together and helped fix the place up and on Friday they reopened to the public after almost two months of being closed.

When I went inside it was almost impossible to tell that anything had happened, except for the smell of fresh paint. All of the games have been cleaned and they were all working really good. It was also REALLY crowded, so sorry for missing a row of four games that included Williams' Gorgar. My friend Ron who runs "gizmnoic" on YouTube was also there and here's the video he took before I got there, also a little less crowded. So be sure to check it out and if you're in the area be sure to give them some love!

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