Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jersey Jack Pinball Factory Tour

Here is the first of two video tours I took while I was at the Jersey Jack Pinball open house party. This one is the longer one that I took off the HD video camera and it's the raw file so hopefully YouTube didn't compress it that bad. I've also uploaded it to Blip as a WMV if it's too long to load.

The way they put their games together is different compared to the way Stern Pinball does it. The first major difference is that all of the wires are put together in another factory, so you won't see people putting together the long looms of wires. The other thing is unlike at Stern, the playfields are made by another company that does the clear coating process. So you'll see stations that put together the other pieces like the targets and even the two mini playfields. The playfields go down the assembly line on a " rotisserie" so all the worker has to do is flip the playfield over to access either side, rather then physically picking it up and putting it back down. Risking breaking something along the way. The machine goes down the line and each station they add in stuff like the rails, pop bumpers, targets and the LED lighting. There's one empty space of the line, their considering adding in another soldering station just in case the process takes longer. The machine gets the ramps and mini playfields and then it's off to the testing station. Finally they get flipped back over and they get put into their cabs that other workers are installing the bass speaker, tilt bob, replay kicker and coin doors. It's really cool getting to see the whole process of what it takes to make a pinball machine.

If you'd like to see more hit the jump for the other video I took on my iPod and an even longer video from my friend Ron who you see in the video above!

Big thanks to Ron for his video!

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