Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cactus Canyon Continued

Before I start this post I want to give a big shout out to Eric who commented in the last post. He's working on the new Color DMD Display for Cactus Canyon Continued and from what I got to see, it looks really nice. Much better then a few of the other Color DMD's I've seen yet. He also gave me a link to the main site for CCC so if you want some more information, you can find it here at this link.

So now on with the post! At the 2013 Allentown Pinfest I ran into non other then Captain Kirk! Who you might remember from episode 7 of Arcade Hunters when we visited Castle Video in New Jersey. Still one of the very best places I ever visited to play pinball. I ended up bumping into him again near the Cactus Canyon Continued they had set up next to Predator so I quickly got the camera out to get some gameplay and also a look at the Color DMD that Eric is working on that was set up on top of the machine.

As I've said before, since Williams wanted to hurry up and start production on the new Pinball 2000 machines so Cactus Canyon was rushed and the game's code never got to be finished. The game is still playable, I still think it's a lot of fun and while it does have some shortcomings and it's a shame not many were made. This new version of the game uses the famous P-Roc board to power all of the new features in the game. Eric has added in a lot of great stuff and even with a 10 minute long video of two playthroughs I couldn't show all of what he added in. There's a new Super Skill Shot, a Martians Vs. Cowboys mode, a Drunk Multiball where the flippers are reversed, a showdown with Bionic Bart and all new high score boards. I wasn't expecting them to pop up after my game so I ended up missing showing that part of the game off. I ended up getting second place on the machine and also scored "Undertaker" for taking down the yellow drop targets.

For anybody that owns a machine of Cactus Canyon for their home I highly suggest you check out the site above, get yourself a P-Roc board and try it out. There's a lot of great features and their well worth checking out!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that during that long ball where none of the ramp shots were registering -- something had definitely gone wrong. I'm not sure what, exactly, but it shouldn't have been ignoring all the shots like that. It appears to have snapped back to reality on your extra ball and started registering properly.

    I was really hoping you'd win your match and get "Last Call" to show off - that's a pretty fun/unique feature (an extra multiball if you get the match).

    And sorry Captain Kirk, but you can't do the color without the PROC -- at least not what you saw at Allentown. It's not a standard on-the-fly color job like the other ColorDMD releases. It's all rendered by the computer.

    Glad you dig the project!

    1. Thanks for the info Eric. I only heard about the mod on a Pinball News blerb and a topic on Pinside and almost forgot about it till I saw the machine there at Pinfest. They had the normal cards on the machine, not the custom ones you have on the site with the credits and what to do.

      Since the machine didn't seem to register any of the ramp shots I thought the whole thing was a work in progress. I think it was working with the Bronco Ramp but the only other thing that worked was the bandit and the gold mine for some reason. Wish I would have known about the Super Skill Shot feature you added in.

      I also didn't know it was a home use only mod, since you said you can't add credits to it, but then again the only Cactus Canyon on location I can think of is the one in Pinball Hall of Fame and technically the one at PAPA so this is only the third machine I've played.