Monday, May 20, 2013

It's Cactus Canyon Week!

This week we're celebrating the very last "traditional" pinball machine that Bally/Williams made back in 1998. Cactus Canyon. A little over 900 units of the game were ever made and sadly the game was rushed through production to get ready for the new Pinball 2000 that would be coming out the following year. Because it was rushed out the game only has two music tracks and the software has bugs galore so people don't use the game for competitive tournaments. I happen to love the game and throughout the year's I've shot video of the one that's at PAPA in Pittsburgh. The first video is from PAPA 11 in 2008 with the crappy digital camera I had, then the second is a "review" we did in 2011 when I had my newfangled iPod.

This week we'll have two more videos dedicated to Cactus Canyon. The first coming up on Wednesday is a look at the upcoming Cactus Canyon: Continued P-Roc mod that adds in a boatload of new features as well as an early look at the new Color DMD for the game. You'll also see an old friend return in the video as well! Then on Saturday I'll be reviewing the Pinball Arcade version of Cactus Canyon on the iPad. So be sure to stay tuned here for more Cactus Canyon goodness!

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  1. Cactus Canyon Continued isn't really "upcoming" - it's been available for a while now via the wiki:

    The colorDMD is what I'm working on now, but it's not really a separate thing as it's all handled by the computer & proc. The only thing it needs is an LCD screen in place of the DMD to display it.

    /ha, I don't remember setting my blogger name to that.