Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Since it's about to debut today on the season finale of The Pinball Arcade, here's a look at Bram Stoker's Dracula! I shot this last week at Modern Pinball NYC and but I don't think it's there anymore. Just today I learned that the guys made some huge changes and took a lot of games out and put in a lot of brand new ones, including some older EM games! So sadly while I took a walkthrough tour of the place I won't be uploading it due to the fact it's horribly out of date now, which means I'll just have to shoot another when I visit again next month for the Pinball and Pub Crawl! (If you listen to the podcast you know what I'm talking about, I'll make it more official soon!)

Dracula is a game I've NEVER been good at. I always try to go for the standup targets to start the castle lock but they always send the ball wild or right down the center like a bullet. It doesn't help that Dracula came with the smaller Lightning Bolt Flippers to make it even more challenging. But you know what? I'm glad it's coming to The Pinball Arcade. That way I can play the hell out of it on my iPad and hopefully I can become better when I play it again in person. I had the same thing with Elvira's Scarred Stiff. There was a game set up at PAPA that was REALLY set to harder difficulty settings and I hated the game. Now after playing it on Pinball Arcade on much easier then PAPA settings, I really enjoy it!

The main star of Dracula is The Mist Multiball. It's an awesome effect. A ball will travel along a magnet in the middle of the table and you have to try to hit it in order to start a two ball multiball. Some folks have found out it's easier just to nudge the table when it's waving along the magnet to free the ball then trying to hit it but I like to try my odds and hit it. The game's also got a cool video mode where you try to shoot down a pack of hungry wolves with the flipper buttons! It's a great game and worth checking out!

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