Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Walking Dead Pinball First Photos!

While everybody's going nuts for the new iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, Stern Pinball today finally unveiled the first look at their new Walking Dead Pinball machine from designer John Borg! Wow! Hand drawn art! It's not a bunch of stock photos provided by AMC! Above is the Pro model with the red trim. I much prefer the Limited Edition which looks like the doors from the very first episode of the show that says, "DON'T OPEN" on the top and along the cab it says, "DEAD INSIDE".

Oddly enough Stern only announced a Pro and Limited Edition model of the game. No Premium version of the game has been announced. Even the usual "Shot Matrix" that has the checklist of what's in each game doesn't list a Premium edition. As usual the Pro model lacks some extra features in the LE. The LE has is a "Motorized Crossbow" which looks exactly like the Laser Cannon from Austin Powers. (Shouldn't be a surprise since John Borg designed both games) There's also listed a "Bicycle Girl Bash Toy" which I didn't really see on any of the photos that Stern provided of the LE. It seems like the "Well Walker" Zombie toy on the right side will have "guts"(I have no idea what that means) and also a magnet that won't be on the Pro model.

As was recently announced by Stern they will no longer be using the old incandescent lights. Now all Stern Pinball machines come with LED's. On the Pro models their only using normal white LED's while the LE versions will have Tri-Color LED's for more lighting effects. The zombie heads that Stern was teasing yesterday are part of the LE's. What looks almost exactly like the stack of Dead Heads from Elvira's Scarred Stiff, The Walking Dead LE will have a trio of zombie heads that is meant to look like The Governor's Fish Tanks.

The Pro model is listed at $6000 while the LE model is listed 8600. As usual we'll have more for you as the news develops!

 The Walking Dead Pro and LE pages from Stern Pinball

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  1. Nicely written but there's a typo: "On the Pro models their only using normal white LED's...". It hast to be they're or they are right there.