Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Today the fine folks over at 2000AD Comics have made October 1st the Day of Dredd. The whole Arcade Hunters crew have been fans of the Judge for years, above is a video of our friend Craig's personal Judge Dredd pinball machine from Bally that he got a few years back. (Lucky because the prices have shot up on the game in recent years, like everything else in the pinball market.)

The one thing I forgot to say about the original Judge Dredd machine is that there's no pop bumpers on the game, one of the few without them like No Fear that was released a few years earlier. The game's super fast and has a lot of great combo shots. The video above is of Judge Dredd's "Super Game" mode where every ball starts off as a multiball and then goes back into normal play after you're down to one ball. In the arcade they made the Super Game cost a quarter or fifty cents more and many people where happy to pay it since getting to the multiball is tough in the Judge.

Craig's machine also has the Dead World mod installed which was going to be included in the game when it came out. In the game shooting the ramp when it's lit for lock will activate the magnet on crane to drop it into a special disc that spins around the "Dead World". Bally decided to drop the feature due to the fact that the game would be in heavy use and would burn out. So instead the locks are "virtual" where just shooting the ramp will automatically lock the ball.

I like the way they went with better then putting the Dead World back in. Since I said how fast the game is when you activate the Dead World Multiball all of the balls will come screaming out of the auto launcher rather then having the crane have to go and pick up every ball and drop them back into the table. It's still a fun game and well worth checking out!

Make sure if you're online today to use the #DayOfDredd hashtag! Check out the movie on Netflix or buy the 3D Blu-Ray and DVD! Let's make a sequel happen and hopefully we'll see another Judge Dredd Pinball machine in the future!

In closing here's a look at a normal, "Regulation Game" and we'll be back tomorrow with a video roundup!

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