Thursday, October 2, 2014

Video Roundup!

Since the recent passing of our friend Scott we kind of put the site into a moment of silence mode. So while news broke on the Dutch Pinball Team's new Big Lebowski Pinball and new videos of Stern's The Walking Dead have come up we didn't get to report on them. Check the links on the right for our pals at Arcade Heroes and also at Pinball News for more.

I had put up this recent video of my trip to Digital Press above a few days before and didn't post it here yet, so here it is. I finally went on a non NAVA meet up day so it was much less crowded but that didn't stop me from buying a lot of games I lost in my house fire. Digital Press is one of the best gaming stores in the country and well worth checking out. They've got it all from the Vic-20, Sega Pico, Nokia N-Gage and Vectrix.

Finally here's a new look at a super rare pinball machine from the Alvin G Co, Punchy The Clown! This is a smaller sized redemption pinball machine made for the kids. Only 151 Punchy's where ever made and the one featured in the video is the 151st, the final one off the line. Because of that and the amazing condition the machine is in the game is commanding a hefty price tag, which nobody's seems to want to fork up the dough for. It's well worth checking out, but good luck finding one out in the wild.

We'll have more videos coming up soon as well as a new podcast episode!

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