Tuesday, October 7, 2014

RollerGames Pinball Review

Hey folks! Nick back again with more pinball videos for you to enjoy! Today from the Long Island Arcade Club we're checking out 1990's RollerGames from Williams! This game was designed by legendary pinball designer Steve Ritchie and it was rumored that before the game became RollerGames it was going to be a sequel to High Speed.

RollerGames was a one season TV series that tried to bring roller derby action and the characters of a WWF wrestling show. Just like wrestling the whole show was preformed by real roller derby players but all of the outcomes where scripted like a professional wrestling match. ("IT'S STILL REAL TO ME DAMN IT!") The folks at RollerGames tried to get their names out everywhere and in the gaming world it shows. Even though they where only on for one season they left us with two Konami game, one in the arcades that I've never seen in person and of course the infamous NES game that's been picked apart by gamers all over YouTube and beyond. Williams actually had the choice between RollerGames and American Gladiators and they decided to go with RollerGames. From what I've been told by the time of June of 1990 came around the games where just coming off the production line while the show was already canceled.

Being a Steve Ritchie game it's all about flow, combos and of course tons of speed. Just like many of his other games he's got combo shots you can do with the top and bottom right flipper. If you get the left orbit and follow it up with a top right flipper shot up the "Wall of Death" you'll net yourself a nice combo bonus. The game also has a magnet that will hold the ball for three second on the tip of the top right flipper so you can go right up the wall. (Just make sure the flipper's got plenty of juice!) The main thing to do is to try to collect all the teams to start up Sudden Death where every shot to the wall scores millions and knocking down the WAR drop targets will star the locks for the game's 3 ball multiball.

Don't let the theme and the bad video games of RollerGames think that this is a bad game. It truly is one of pinball's hidden gems. It's a shame it gets bogged down by the theme but if you can look past that the game is a ton of fun and well worth your time.

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