Monday, October 27, 2014

Donkey Kong Review!

From 1981, the same year I was born here's a look at Nintendo's immortal classic, Donkey Kong! We're going Kong Krazy here at Arcade Hunters with FOUR Donkey Kong related arcade game reviews coming up for you! So we're starting off with the original Shigeru Miyamoto classic that started it all!

After Nintendo's Radar Scope tanked in North America they put Mr. Miyamoto on the job to come up with a new game that would appeal to American audiences. After the rights for a game based off of Popeye fell through they came up with a brand new, original story of an ape that escapes from the zoo, kidnaps a young woman and climbs up the construction site and it's up to you, Jumpman to rescue her!

Yes, at the time the Italian plumber we all know and love was named Jumpman and he was a carpenter and not a plumber. It was only after the original Mario Brothers arcade game that they finally officialy made his name, Mario.

There's been so much covered about this game over the years. From movies, to contests. Donkey Kong's been getting more and more popular. So popular that one man went and designed a sequel to the game! So next time we'll be checking out D2K: Donkey Kong II Jumpman Returns!

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