Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Modern Pinball NYC October 2014

It wouldn't be a trip to New York City for me without going to visit the fine folks over at Modern Pinball and here's a brand new look at the current lineup! Whirlwind, Scared Stiff and Monster Bash are gone but four new games have been added in! Two solid states, The Party Zone and Steve Ritchie's original Black Knight and two Gottlieb "Wedge Head" EM's, Breakshot and Gold Strike are now in the lineup! Sadly this video is already out of date because only last week they added in the brand new Stern, The Walking Dead (Pro) to the lineup! They've also updated their Mustang (Pro) to the latest code. We tried to do it while I was there but Stern's website kept crashing when we'd go to load the page...

Considering many places in the city now charge a dollar a game for pinball it's a lot better to go in for a good part of the day and pay by the day or hour to play a lot more then going through change. As always if you're in the New York City area make sure you go and check them out!

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