Friday, October 17, 2014

Barcade St. Marks Walkthrough Tour!

Back in May I had a chance to go to the then newest Barcade that was going to be opening up near Chelsea in New York City. When I spoke to one of the owners, Paul he told me they where in the works on opening up yet another location. Well we didn't have to wait long because last week the newest member in the Barcade family opened on 3 St. Marks Place in New York City! From the site of the former Kim's Video the newest Barcade is more like the original one in Brooklyn. It's smaller and more bar focused so the only thing they have to eat are little snacks like beef jerky. (At the one in Brooklyn they do have menus that you can call and have food delivered to you) This Barcade does something that none of the other Barcades have done before and it's something many people have asked for...FIGHTING GAMES!

*Yes, I'm aware that MANY people would like to see Barcade offer pinball machines. After speaking to Paul and a few of the other higher-ups they have considered it but their afraid of people beating the games up due to some of the experiences they've had with some rowdy patrons in the past ten years.

So now games in the Street Fighter series are side-by-side with 80's classics like Donkey Kong and Ms. Pac-Man. They've got a lot of everybody's favorite series, well represented. Some folks might scoff that the Marvel Vs. series isn't offered and they have Street Fighter III New Generation and not 3rd Strike, but we'll see how time goes on if they might add it in. Tekken 3, Killer Instinct and from way out in left field Sparta's Blood Storm, the sequel to the cult "hit" Time Killers is also here at Barcade. Mortal Kombat II and Ultimate MK3 are also offered and I've been speaking with Shock and he's going to see about getting the ROM updates so we can add them in! (You can play MKII Tournament Edition at YESTERcades in New Jersey)

One of the highlights is an original, dedicated 3 Player Michael Jackson's Moonwalker from Sega. The game was almost always taken with tons of laughs from everybody playing it. Yes, save the children and grabbing Bubbles the Monkey will turn you into a giant missile shooting Mecha-Jackson. They've also got a four and six slot Neo-Geo MVS with fighters, Bust-a-Move/Puzzle Bobble and Metal Slug. Sadly Mutant Fighters, Rambo III and Virtua Fighter from Sega where out when I visited.

It's shaping up to be a very popular location. Many people walking by where very excited to see a new location right in St. Marks. If you're in the area make sure you go and check them out!

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