Sunday, October 12, 2014

Star Wars: Battle Pod

Last week a rumor was going around that Bandai-Namco was working on a new Star Wars arcade game. I was looking forward to this seeing how we haven't had a new one since the Sega Star Wars Trilogy. Getting to see a brand new game in HD would be amazing. It turns out I wouldn't have to wait long to play it. On Wednesday Bandai-Namco held a special presentation as a part of the opening of the 2014 New York Comic Con and unfortunately I was unable to attend since I wasn't able to get a press badge or a normal badge in general since they sold out within minutes. During the presentation they said the game would be released in arcades across America in January of 2015 (Not "January of this year" like I said in the video...sorry) but the game was going to be available exclusively in the Times Square Dave & Buster's until November. I was already planning on going out to the city with friends on Saturday so I got up extra early and got a train into New York City and headed over to the Dave & Buster's in Times Square to check it out.

Even though the trailer in the beginning of the video says "Review" this should be called a preview due to the fact the game isn't finished yet. In the final version of the game there'll be five missions to play. Right now there's only three to choose from. Two from Return of The Jedi and one from A New Hope. Empire's Hoth Snowspeeders and the new "Darth Vader's Revenge" will be added into the game come January.

The way these games are made are very unique. It's a system Bandai-Namco have used in Japan for years for Mobile Suit Gundam and they rank as some of the most popular arcade games in Japan. This isn't the first time that they've used this system for a game in America. Earlier this summer Bandai-Namco released Mach Storm which uses the same Battle Pod which you can also play at the Times Square D&B. These Battle Pods are awesome because the screen is projected on an egg shaped wall so your whole field of vision is filled and the sound system blasts the famous John Williams music. It's unlike any other game that I've played.

It's well worth checking if your in the New York City area. The game is only at the Times Square Dave & Busters until November but in January pretty much all of them should have it! If you are a die hard Star Wars fan like myself you owe it to yourself to give it a play! I can't wait to check it out once it's finished and the other two stages are added in!

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