Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Atari's Tournament Cyberball 2072

For those of you who listen to the Arcade Hunters Podcast you know we did an episode all about sports games called "The Impossible Games" that was from the immortal Play Value webseries where one the "experts" famously says, "How do you make a sports game in the arcade, that's like impossible!". Well in 1988 Atari did the impossible with their game Cyberball. It was such a hit they ended up making two upgrades to the game, the second being Cyberball 2072 and the one you're about to watch here Tournament Cyberball 2072. The Tournament upgraded fixed some bugs from the previous version and added in over 100 new plays, rookie mode for beginners and a new mode called "Game Breakers". This series was so popular for Atari they ported the game to many systems including the NES, Lynx and even a few years ago got a re-release on Xbox Live Arcade.

This cab here at Flipperspiel Wunderland is one of the deluxe four player cabs that Atari made and I haven't seen one in years. Adam was telling me he got it locally. A woman had it outside for a long time and there was chunks of the control panel missing but everything inside the game was fine. After haggling the woman down he was able to get the cab for 100 bucks! After holding it in the back people saw it and got really excited to play the game again so Adam worked and brought the game back to life. The game looks like it just came off the Atari line from 1989!

It's a really fun arcade football game and it's worth checking out! Big thanks to Adam and Zack for letting me film!

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