Monday, December 1, 2014

Bring your NES back from the dead with BLW!

(Yes, I know our website's The ARCADE Hunters, but this is being done by a good friend and it needs some extra spotlight)

This Kickstarter just started today and I wanted to share it for you folks here. Our friend Quan who runs ArcadeWorks who makes the OMEGA Neo-Geo MVS home unit has come up with a brand new replacement for the NES's 72 Pin Connector called "Blinking Light Win" or BLW. The BLW will replace the current spring loaded 72 pin connector with a brand new PCB. You no longer have to press the cart into the system, just throw it in, connect the cart and power on and play! It's much like how the smaller one slot Neo-Geo MVS units work, and are still in use today.

Go check out the Kickstarter above and go check it out for yourself! If you like some retro NES gaming goodness then this is a great solution to buying a new 72 pin cart or having to take it out and pressing the pins back.

Be sure to tune in with us tomorrow as we'll be checking out Nintendo's arcade classic, Popeye!

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