Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Popeye Arcade Review

Sorry folks! This was meant to go up yesterday but I was busy with other obligations. So here it is today for your viewing pleasure! A review of one of my favorite arcade games, Nintendo's Popeye! As a kid growing up I loved watching old Popeye cartoons like the famous Popeye Meets Sinbad the Sailor and even Popeye Jr. so of course I was excited to play this game. I still remember the one time my parents took my brother and I to Chuck E. Cheeses and pushing over a footstool so I could reach the controller. I had the home port on the Atari 400 computer, but never the VCS and of course I had the NES version.

The arcade game has a lot of charm and personality. It looks like your playing a cartoon. The characters are nice, large and well drawn. I love the extra bits of animation like when you knock Bluto (Yes, I know it's Brutus but I never called him that) into the water. Bluto in this game HATES Popeye. For a big guy he can leap like a track athlete. He'll constantly lunge at you, wave his arms to knock you off the stage and of course toss bottles at you. You've also got to watch out for the Sea Hag and her Vulture. In the first three round the Sea Hag will pop up every once and a while to toss a bottle at you but when you go through a second time she stays on the screen tossing skulls at you. It's a game I'd love to own one day.

Make sure you stay tuned with us. Gerard's planning on putting up a solo podcast I did soon all about my trip to Las Vegas and we'll have our final video from Flipperspiel, CES's Galaxy Games!

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