Saturday, January 17, 2015

Stern Pinball's Mustang Pro V1.4

Hey folks! We've got this week's video for you! During The Big Lebowski party I had some time to check out the newest code revision to Stern's Mustang. It's been a while since I recorded this game, pretty much because I knew an update was coming and the current code, I felt was pretty awful. So how's this new version?

It's a step in the right direction for the game. They've made a lot of different tweaks to the code, many I'm not exactly sure what they do. Some of the major new features was they brought back the "Creature Feature" bowl. Now you can ride the ramp and go into the bowl and it will work like a roulette wheel. It's a lot like Bally's Cactus Canyon. They've also added in a new multiball mode which honestly, I had no idea how I accessed. The one thing I've been seeing is how they really want you to go in order for your shots in all the modes. In a mode like "Crusin'" you've got to hit the flashing shots from left to right. If you can do that the points will multiply higher then if you're just shooting at random.

The one thing I saw to gain points is by building up your gears for the Gearshift Multiball. Normally people will go with the first selection because knocking down the GEARS targets once will put you into multiball, but if you go with a different selection when GEARS isn't lit you'll start to build up your numbers on the gear shift in the middle of the playfield. You can cash this in at the Mustang Store scoop shot when you get to 4th gear, but if you want to risk it you can go up all the way to 6th gear. If you're able to get up to 6th gear and cash in the multiball it's worth TONS of points.

Overall it's still hard to tell with this game. I don't really like the shot layout and the game doesn't have flowing shots that other games like Iron Man and Star Trek have. Still they are listening to the fans and I look forward to see what will be added in the future.

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