Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sega 3D Classics: Afterburner II

It's been a LONG time since we've done a Home Port Review. Since my capture device is pretty much worthless and Sega ran out of 3D Classics we haven't had any to talk about...until now! This past Thursday Sega FINALLY released the first game in their second wave of 3D Classics on the Nintendo 3DS. The first one up is Afterburner II!

The controls in the game on default are pretty iffy. The 3D Pad goes way too fast while the D-Pad is REALLY slow and you can't even do barrel rolls with it. Other then that it's a pretty good translation of the classic arcade original.

But of course, M2 and Sega had to go above and beyond with this one. While they could have just simple ported the ROM like most do, they actually went out and tracked down the arcade units to record sounds off of them to make you feel like you're playing inside of the cockpit! Now I'm going to pay close attention to the one at FunSpot next time I play it. They made it so the screen in the game moves just like in the arcade and they even sway the camera down and then up when you take off. It's pretty damn cool!

The other games in the lineup are Thunder Blade, Fantasy Zone 1&2 and my personal favorite...OutRun! We'll have a look at the next batch of games as their released! Be sure to tune in later this week for a brand new podcast!

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