Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The King of Fighters '98

Part two of the Neo-Geo videos is here for your enjoyment! This time we're checking out which many consider to be the finest game in the long running series of SNK's King of Fighters, The King of Fighters '98!

Come along as we ramble on about our time with this classic. It's kind of sad seeing that KOF won't be making an appearance at this year's EVO in Las Vegas. I hope that rumor going around of SNK/Playmore looking for more workers is hopefully a good sign we'll be seeing another KOF in the near future. If they do, I hope they'll bring back Oswald from XI!

Also, as you may have seen the podcast didn't go up this past week. We've got one recorded but due to all of the weather and people getting sick it's going to be a few days before it gets uploaded. Sorry for the wait! 

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