Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Twinkle Star Sprites AES Homeport Review

Febuary is Neo-Geo month here at The Arcade Hunters! During the last FunSpot tournament Gerard brought up his old CRT and consoleized Neo-Geo MVS one slot board so we could do some game reviews. The fist one up is one of my favorites, ADK's final game before being absorbed by SNK it's the manliest game ever made, Twinkle Star Sprites!

Twinkle Star Sprites is a very unique game. It's a hybrid Vs. Puzzle game crossed with a shooter. The game is easy to understand but the action gets really intense when you and your opponent start sending attacks back and forth. Each character in the game has their own shot type, charge attacks and of course different boss that they can send out to cause damage to your opponent.

Since we're playing this with the Universe BIOS chip on the MVS it will allow us to play the game in the home or arcade version with the choice of different languages. This one covers the poorly translated English version with the AES home version that includes the extra story bits the arcade game lacks. In the next video we're going to look at the Japanese MVS arcade version that lacks the story intro and has the correct character names!

We've got a new podcast recorded this past Sunday and we'll have it up for you folks to enjoy later in the week, so stay tuned!

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