Saturday, March 21, 2015

Arcade Collectibles: Topps Donkey Kong Cards!

Read my photo review below!

I loved collecting Topps cards as a kid. I use to go crazy over any movie or video game related cards. I use to marvel at a complete display box of Nintendo GamePack's at my local deli. This local deli was magical. Besides having a huge selection of amazing candy, boxes of Nintendo GamePack, Teeneage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and various other cards, they also had a few arcade games. While begging my mom for a couple of quarters was like an Abbot and Costello routine, trying to convince her to buy me a pack of cards was  worse. Sometimes if I was extra good I just might get a pack.

The one set of cards that I always wanted, but happen to grow up a few years too late were Donkey Kong cards. Well the wait is over. Thank's to ebay and being a perpetual child, I tracked down and bought a complete box of Donkey Kong cards! Watch the video above to see my review, check out some highlight photo's below, and savor the nostalgia while you can!

Here we have the complete box. It's a little beat up, but still intact. 

Game Cards? Stickers? Bubble Gum?!? Sign me up!!!

Now that's a beautiful sight. My inner child is completely tweaking. It took over 8 tries to get this shot without shaking!

I love this art style! Just incase you didn't know, Donkey Kong was the #1 Video Game according to these cards.

The back hides an advertisement for Soft Bazooka gum. To me, all Bazooka gum is Bazooka Joe gum.

I don't remember the gum being accented with brown spots...

Looks like I got some stickers. I love the "Jump Man" and "My High Score" stickers!

Collect all the stickers and you can make two awesome posters!

Here are the four different stages for the "rub off" card game. Nintendo, please take note that Topps managed to include the pie/cement factory stage.

Hey! I found a use for the old gum! Let's see how high I can get!

Hey I saved Pauline!

Time to enter my initials and score!

Now to proudly display this feat where everyone can see!

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