Friday, March 13, 2015

Sega 3D Classics: OutRun

IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!! M2 and Sega have finally released 3D Classics OutRun on the Nintendo 3DS eShop yesterday and let me tell you folks. This is the conversion I've been waiting for. As always M2 has gone above and beyond bringing Yu Suzuki's classic racer to the Nintendo 3DS. Just like the previous game we reviewed, Afterburner II, the guys and gals at M2 went into the Sega vault and brought out an original OutRun super deluxe machine and recorded all the audio off of it so it's just like you're playing in a real arcade game.

It's odd for me because I actually love how the game looks in full screen with the 3D on...I think that's because their using the enhanced version of the game that was first done on the Japanese Sega Saturn. That's right, it's not "Arcade Perfect" so some folks might not like that. Now the game runs at double the speed of the original a full 60 frames per second. It makes the scrolling traffic and backrounds run super smooth and if you choose to run the game in 3D the game looks amazing. Yeah, it's a shame they don't have the rights to use Ferrari anymore, but if you get over that you're going to be in for a real treat.

Unlike Afterburner II the game controls well. I had to edit the button layout to a more traditional 8-Bit style with the A and B buttons and the R trigger will work the gear shift. You also have the option of playing it in automatic transmission and if you like you can also change to the speedometer to MPH instead or KPH.

This comes highly recommended so make sure you pick it up and try it! We'll be back with a look at Thunderblade and maybe after that I'll do Fantasy Zone. (Not a big fan of Fantasy Zone and Defender type shooters for some reason.)

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