Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Twinkle Star Sprites Japanese Arcade Version

Well, Neo-Geo Month's gone on a bit longer then we wanted, but here's the final part of the videos we took in our makeshift studio. Since Gerard's MVS is equipped with a Universe BIOS chip, it allows you to play games in home AES mode and The arcade MVS version. You also have the option to switch the game's language. Since we played Twinkle Star Sprites using English AES mode that includes the extra story into we decided to show off the original Japanese language version that's free of the butchered English translation. The main character Lord Run for some reason became Lord Ran and few other characters had their names changed.

Other then that it's the same great game. Also during the video we talk about the other Japanese home ports like the Dreamcast and the Sega Saturn that included a bonus disc and a brand new, although VERY pervy animated opening, exclusive to the Saturn version.

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