Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Game Station (April 2015)

Here's an updated look at the Walt Disney World Contemporary Resort's arcade, The Game Station. Since I had breakfast with my family at Chef Mickey's and it was a raging thunderstorm outside I thought I'd take a look at what happened. As you can see in the beginning the gigantic prize counter is now covered in a red shroud. I did peek and yes, everything was gone. So the giant middle row of games they had now have "FOR AMUSEMENT PLAY ONLY" written on them and when you pay for your game cards they have the same thing written on signs saying that the machines no longer award tickets and prizes. So brand new games like Pac-Man Ticket Mania have been taken out and games like Super Monkey Ball TICKET Blitz can no longer award prizes. My old game card that I had from years ago still worked and did show I had tickets on my balance. I'm wondering what will happen when I go to recharge my card on my next trip. I ended up just finishing off the few bucks I still had on the card.

The games at The Game Station are still the best kept games in all of Walt Disney World. I noticed something new on the games. All of the video games and some of the prize games now have QR Codes you can scan on them to report any issues to the techs. For some reason NONE of the pinball machines that I saw on my trip had any codes to while I was at one arcade I reported an issue I had but also put in a really nasty comment on how poorly the lone pinball machine was kept and telling them to get rid of it. (You'll see that in a future video)

I'm wondering if the Star Wars Episode 1 Pinball 2000 game is the same one they used to have in Tomorrowland. From speaking with one of the techs he told me all the games are on a route and they go around in trucks delivering them to all the game rooms on Disney property. So I wonder if many of the games inside Tomorrowland went to other resorts to fill in the void left from having to get rid of so many of the redemption machines.

Hope you liked this updated tour! Be sure to check in next week for a look at the classic Frontierland Shootin' Arcade! 

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  1. The Game Station looks awesome! So many games to choose from in such a huge area, kids will go ballistic over this place. Thanks for the tour, this will certainly make kids demand that their parents take them there for some serious fun!