Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Frontierland Shootin' Arcade!

When I was going through the comments on the closing of the Tomorrowland arcade I saw a few folks mention to me if they had gotten rid of the famous "Shootin' Arcade" and if it was there they'd like to see a video of it. Since the last time I had visited the attraction was down for refurbishment so it was my first time playing it since they updated it!

As you can see everything is still present and accounted for. Nothing's been altered, and since they refurbished the whole thing it looks really nice. Sadly they've adjusted the pricing so now it's a dollar for a game. Some of the guns had problems but thankfully the attendant was there and quickly put the gun out of order and gave me a credit on another gun that did work.

One of the cool bits of trivia I heard about this game was from fellow Disney fans, Hoot Gibson and his pal Chief. Who we've mentioned before during a few of our Drunk on Disney outings. Hoot and Chief both worked at a number of Disney parks around Florida and because of that they had a lot of great photos of the inside of the Shootin' Arcade including some really cool closeups of some of the stuff in the game. One thing that Hoot said is the attraction actually has a full day to night cycle that takes a few hours to go through. So depending on when you go to play it might be the morning or night. There's also a full sunrise and sunset too. They also change up the background sounds, so in the morning you'll hear birds chirping and at night it'll be crickets.

Some really cool stuff you may not have noticed! Make sure you check it out on your next visit!  

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