Monday, July 27, 2015

Stern Pinball's KISS Pro (V1.02)

"You wanted the best? You got the best! The hottest band in the world....KISS!!"

Here's an early look at Stern Pinball's newest game, KISS! This game's lead designer was John Borg and it does have a game flow similar to Metallica but it seems like they're going for rules like AC/DC. The video was taken on Version 1.02 of the game. Recently there was a code update to all three of the new Spike System games, (WWE Wrestlemania, Woah Nellie! Big Juicy Melons and KISS) but the update was to help the system be more stable and to fix GI lighting problems some folks where having, so right now this is the most current version of the game.

When you start up you can pick a city with the left flipper button and a song with the right. As of right now we have no idea what selecting a city actually does. Some folks think it might be like AC/DC where you're rewarded if you pick a song with the city they had the concert for, but right now Paul will just yell the name of the city when you go to launch the ball. The song selection works like Mustang and AC/DC. Some songs have a lot of shots that score fewer points and others have less shots that score a lot more. There's also some flashing shots where if you try to hit them all in order you can raise the value for your shots. The game also has a scoop shot like Mustang so after your finished with your shots, you shoot the scoop and you can start another song. 

The right ramp will light a band member's instrument that you have to hit in order to collect them for the Wizard Mode. The two main features are the Starchild area where the ball bounces around and you build up for the Starchild Multiball. Then of course you've got The Demon himself, Gene Simmon's noggin on the right. There's two targets you have to hit in order to light the lock, it's a lot like Whitewater. However under Gene's head is something you can't see they call "The Demon Disk" this mini spinning disk makes it so the ball comes out at random rather then straight down. If you can light the lock and shoot past the disc you can lock the ball for Demon Multiball. In the Pro version of the game the balls are ejected out of Gene's mouth but in the LE and Pro models they have a mech inside to hold all three balls so they come out like in Transformers. *Be careful for owners of the game...if you're in multiball the Gene mech in the pro does not like it if you get more then one ball inside. Also, adjust his head so he doesn't spit the balls down the middle of the playfield.  

As you can see in the video I did horrible with my first two games and didn't even crack 10 million points. After playing though out the day I was able to get Grand Champion on the game at 144 million. I also made it up to the "KISS ARMY" Wizard Mode. There's also another mode called "Rock City" but I don't think I had what I needed to actually get it, or it may not even be implemented into the game yet. 

Overall I'm very happy with how this game is shaping up. I had a lot of fun with it with the very early code. The game's got a nice flow to it and the music they picked was really good, even if it's the "KISS Klassics" rerecorded versions without Peter and Ace. I'm looking forward to sharing with you the new updates whenever they get released! 

Be sure to check back in for a look at WWE Wrestlemania! (Which I have to record a new video intro for..)


  1. Wasn't Kiss Pinball also a PlayStation 1 title too?

    1. You're right. There was a PS1 KISS pinball game, but of course it was terrible game. You're better off with Crue Ball on the Genesis/Mega Drive