Saturday, October 10, 2015

Modern Pinball NYC Walkthrough Tour! (Sep 2015)

Here's yet another look at Modern Pinball NYC's current lineup of games! Since I was there on a Sunday there was a lull between customers so I quickly got out my camera and took a video while it was quiet. Of course, some folks came in right as I was about to finish!

Since my last visit in July some games like Wizard of Oz and Banzai Run have been taken out. They also replaced the LE of AC/DC with a Pro model and another sleeper game from Stern, Monopoly makes a welcome appearance! The Big Buck Hunter Pro machine might be the last time you see it because of a fatal flaw with the game. The game's main toy of course is a little buck that goes on a track across the playfield that you have to shoot multiple times to get a multiball. Sadly the part that registers the hit inside of the buck broke and of course Stern doesn't make replacement parts for it anymore. So they've gotta run the game with the main feature that will never work. It's sad because the game when it's setup right is a bit of fun with a lot of funny animations and modes.

KISS got the newest update and let me tell you, like everybody's been saying they made the Starchild shot WAY too easy. The first time I played it you'd be lucky if you got Starchild Multiball once during a whole three ball game, now you can get it more then once in a single turn. Hopefully they'll find a nice middle ground on the next update so folks don't abuse the shot too much.

Walking Dead is a TOTALLY different game. I still remember a lot of people hated the game when it came out, including myself. It did a total Spider-Man where it came out with early code and people liked the way the game played, but the game itself wasn't there. Now there's a ton of combo shots, multipliers and modes! It's well worth checking out!  

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