Friday, October 9, 2015

Video Roundup!

Woah, sorry about this folks! I've been busy looking for work and I've been neglecting the website. Since I've been behind I wanted to post some of the videos that I haven't uploaded here to the site yet. I knew Pokken Tournament would be something to have up right away so I actually missed out on a couple of videos I have up on our YouTube channel!

First up is a look at the first ever Long Island Retro Gaming Expo. In the video you'll see YouTube's own Pete Dorr who was a vendor at the event with a lot of great stuff. This one proved to be really popular, after speaking with the guy that ran it he thinks they had triple the amount of people they expected. Hopefully next year we'll get a bigger space to accommodate everybody!

Next up I've got two older/newer pinball update videos to share from one of my trips to Modern Pinball!

First up is the 1.64 update of Metallica Pro. This was one of the games Stern surprised everybody with a 4th of July update so I wanted to see what was new and sadly I did horrible so I wasn't able to see what they added. Since I took this video the guys at Modern took out all of the normal bulbs and replaced them with much needed LED's. You can really see the difference and it makes the artwork look so much nicer!

Finally we've got a look at the 1.28 update of The Walking Dead Pro. It's been a LONG time since I've gotten a video of this one on the site and since then Stern's really given the game an overhaul. There's a ton of new ways to score points it's not even the same game that I played when it first came out. Since the updates a lot of people have been kicking themselves for not getting in on the LE of the game. If you want to see somebody that can actually play this make sure you check out the brand new tutorial that PAPA just put up on their YouTube channel. It's over half an hour of Bowen Kerins just destroying the game. He's able to get my whole game's score on two shots using modes and multipliers! It's well worth watching!

Tomorrow I'll be back with a new updated look at the lineup of games at Modern Pinball NYC! They're getting ready to welcome in Stern's new Game of Thrones and you know I'll be there with a video showing it off!

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