Sunday, January 10, 2016

Medicom Toy Ultra Detail Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 Figures


It seems like arcade related toys come out in spurts. Sometimes we may get some oddly jointed Street Fighter figures, other times we get Gashapon figures of famous sham up aircrafts. The difficulty with arcade toys is that releases are few and far between. Sometimes we get lucky and a company releases toys based on retro console games that are connected to arcade games. Medicom Toy Corporation has done just this with the release of their Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 Ultra Detail figures.

The box for the Super Mario Bros. figure is pretty standard. The backing board is designed to look like the Famicom logo and is blazend in that lovely yellowish orange color that is reminiscent of the Famicom Disk System logo mascot.


The Super Mario Bros. 3 box backing board also takes the Super Mario Bros. 3 logo from the Famicom release. The designers at Medicom Toy also included the classic checkered background from the floors of the various castles and chambers in the game.


The first thing you'll notice about the Super Mario Bros. figure is that it is based on the image of Mario from the Famicom box art. You get the goofy, yet menacing take no crap Mario who has decided to bring along a mushroom. The figure is pretty accurate and comes with a stand that says the title of the game this version of Mario is from.



For the Super Mario Bros 3 figure Medicom Toy went with the classic Tanooki Mario. The design for this figure is also based on the Famicom box art for Super Mario Bros. 3. I love that Medicom Toy went with the image of Mario in the Tanooki suit from the back of the box art instead of the image of Mario that's on the front of the box. Just like the Super Mario Bros. figure, this one is also a pretty accurate three dimensional rendering.



The only negatives about these figures are that some of them have some over painting and scuff marks and the price is a little high for figures that are a hair smaller than Amiibos. Retailing for $12.99, you may be surprised at their fairly small size and minor blemishes. Even the stand seems a little on the cheap side when you consider the price tag.



Despite these negatives, I just can't help but love that Medicom Toy went with the Famicom box art for the source material. I would have loved figures like these as a kid, but will gladly take them now. Plus, with the release of the two figures posted below, who knows what Medicom Toy has in store for us arcade gamers!


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