Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunshine Laundromat Walkthrough Tour! (Jan 2016)

For a few years now, folks have been saying to me, "Hey, Nick! You've gotta check out this place in Brooklyn, they've got a ton of pinball machines! They're in an old laundromat and sometimes the guy puts a game or two on top of the washers to get even more space for games!" It's true for a while I have been wanting to go there but due to how bad my sense of direction is in NYC I always held back on going. Well a few weeks ago I started seeing pictures of the new pinball section they added in and after talking over with my buddy Charlie I decided to make plans to finally visit the Sunshine Laundromat in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Let me tell ya somethin' folks, I wasn't expecting this.

Recently the owner Peter bought the shop next door and they converted it into a nice little coffee shop and took the games out from there and moved it into a new converted back room...which is where the magic at Sunshine lives. Behind an old pair of dryer doors is a full pinball arcade with a full service bar with drinks and snacks with tons of amazing Bally and Williams classics, new Stern games and the second ever Big Bang Bar reissued game from Pinball Manufacturing. All inside of this room are some of the best maintained machines I've played in a while, the only games that where down where Big Bang Bar and the Strikemaster bowling game at the front of the store. Every game was taken care of beautifully and played excellently.

Every pinball machine except for Big Bang Bar is 75 cents a play for three balls while BBB is a dollar. There's a couple of other games like The Chimp fortune teller machine and a fully functioning Atari Area 51/Maximum Force that Peter built inside of an old dryer...

This place differently gets The Arcade Hunters stamp of approval! Make sure you go and check them out and give them some love! Peter will be adding in a Game of Thrones Limited Edition in as well as swapping out some other games now that they're fully open!

Sunshine Laundromat
860 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, New York

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